How much Español do you know?

¿Mucho o un poquito?

You know more Spanish than you think. To prove it, I have prepared this test in Spanish to help you discover your level in spanish. 

Here you’ll find different entertaining activities split into 4 levels..

In order to complete the next level you have to answer 75% of the questions correctly.

Once you finish them you can review your mistakes and repeat them as many times as you want..

If after finishing them you want to know more about your level in Spanish, strengths and weak points you can get a Free trial lesson with me where we’ll see what’s the best way for you to keep improving your Spanish.

¡Buena suerte!

A1 – Beginner

If you pass this A1 level test it’s because you know how to introduce yourself and engage in small conversations with Spanish speakers when they’re nice and speaking slowly.

A1 level is about creating a grammar base and surviving in day to  day common situations.

At the end of this level the students will begin to understand a little bit about the pretérito perfecto, one of the past tenses that we use in Spanish.

It would be great to improve your Spanish, isn’t it?

Let’s start then!

A2 – Beginner Intermediate

Level A2 is about getting Spanish vocabulary, putting actions and situations into context and starting to feel confident in a normal conversation.

One of the main things in this level is to be able to understand the difference between the pretérito perfecto and the pretérito indefinido. 

Spanish students on this level also learn how to describe the present moment and how to talk about future plans.

I know you want to improve your Spanish

What are you waiting for?

B1 – Intermediate

Students who receive a B1 level in Spanish feel comfortable in most of the situations and conversations. People who receive this level can slowly build sentences and can have some mistakes, but they almost always convey any thoughts they have.

B1 students can read and understand the main idea of common texts. They can express their wishes, their opinions, give orders in imperative positive and negative and even tell stories.

One of the most difficult things in this level is  understanding the differences between the pretérito imperfecto and the other past tenses

B2/C1 – Upper Intermediate /Advanced

People who pass level B2 and C1 are brave and determined people who can, listen, talk, read, understand and write about almost any topic in Spanish.

Having a conversation with somebody from Spain or other Spanish speaking countries without a big effort is something common for these students.

The subjuntivo is your best friend during B2. At the beginning it may seem difficult, but don’t worry, once your brain makes “the click” everything that seemed impossible becomes natural.

After that you “only” need to learn speech connectors, expressions, technical vocabulary and working on many different topics. At the end, your Spanish will become fluent and natural.


You won’t regret!